Tatum Morgan couldn't help counting down the days to the end of her senior year of high school. She craved an atmosphere outside of her hometown and the memories of her dad leaving their family. With mere weeks to go before graduation, Tatum and her boyfriend, Jeremy are finalizing their plans for the summer and college. Tatum is waiting for her acceptance letter from the University of Southern California, while Jeremy’s indecision of what he’ll do after graduating high school hover over the couple and their longevity.

However, on the night of Theodore Roosevelt High School’s senior graduation party, everything changes. 

What follows a short summer and a long spiral, Tatum’s freshman year at USC is supposed to be her new start–with new friends and new interests. But the exaggerated tales from home and Jeremy have followed her to campus and he’s determined to restore his relationship with Tatum; and both could hinder her progress.

How will Tatum focus on her future with her past obstructing her present? 

Better Luck Next Time


Taylor J. Bridgeforth multitasks as an author, reader, podcast host and group fitness instructor. Outside of those immediate interests, she likes to sing karaoke, play Mario Kart, travel, nap and eat. Taylor lives in Indianapolis, IN with her family. Better Luck Next Time is her first novel.

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